Gunpla 3 Pieces 115mm Diamond Cutting Blade Continuous Segmented Turbo Rim Dry Wet Circular Saw 4.5 inch Cutter Angle Grinder Disc 7/8 inch Arbor 22.2mm with Reducing Ring 5/8 inch for Tile Masonry

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Durable fine blade pad saw - durable diamond grinding wheel for tungsten carbide

Bullet Piont:

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Gunpla diamond cutting blades are manufactured with high quality and durable heat-treated manganese steel and diamond. This angle grinding set has 3 of the most used cutting saws to make sure you are always ready for any project.
  • CONVENIENT CUTTING: Fashioned to provide exceptional and efficient cutting performance, Gunpla diamond grinding saw blades ensure quick and precise cuts with clean and perfect results.
  • PERFECTLY HONED: Our cutting diamond blades perfectly sharpened to ease use and can be used several times before any new honing. They have a thinner kerf that favors increases the cutting speed and minimize dust.
  • 3 PIECES SET: The includes 1 continuous rim for smooth cutting of marble, granite, tile & ceramics, 1 segmented rim for fast cutting for masonry, concrete, pavers, terrazzo, roof tile and 1 turbo rim diamond cutting saw blade.
  • IDEAL FEATURES: Diameter: 115mm (4.5inch); Arbor size: 7/8 inch(22.2mm) with reduce ring 5/8 inch(16mm); Max RPM 13200; Speed max. 80m/s and can used dry or wet. Balanced plate reduces vibration for improved accuracy and better finish.

Product description:

  • Gunpla diamond blades are made from high quality durable heat-treated carbon steel, with sturdy synthetic diamond scattered throughout the blades. These diamonds are manufactured through high pressure and high temperature synthesis to ensure they deliver utmost efficiency during use. The diamonds are bonded to the blades, this method is used to produce the best quality blades and with enhanced longevity.
  • This Segmented Rim blade provides rough cuts. As a dry cutting blade, it can be used for dry applications without water as it is perfect for cut outs. thanks to the segments. It is engineered to be used for concrete, brick, concrete pavers, masonry, block, hard or reinforced concrete, and limestone. They allow air flow and cooling of the blade core. The other function of the segments is to allow a better exhaust of debris, for swifter cuts.
  • Our Turbo Rim blade is designed to provide fast cuts in both wet and dry applications. The small segments on the diamond rim blade permit rapid cooling of the blade as it allows air to pass through them. This leads to a cooling effect and the scattered throughout the blade as well has the same function. With its perfect the design, this blade cuts faster, while pushing the material out. This blade effectively cuts concrete, brick, and limestone materials.
  • The Continuous Rim blade is perfect when you need to perform wet cuts. The first advantage when using our diamond cutting continuous rim blade is that you can use water when cutting material. The water significantly cools down the blade, enhancing its longevity and it washes away any debris to help lessening friction in the cutting zone. With this cutting blade, you can obtain fast results with reduced dust
  • The 3 pieces set comes in small box that could also be used for storage after use, to avoid any misplacements. These diamond cutting blades can be used with Angle Grinder, Table Saw, Marble Cutter, etc.

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