Gunpla 3 Pieces Impact Socket Adapter - Drill Extension Colorful Set Hex Shank Power Drilling High Speed Nut Driver 1/4" - 65mm, 3/8" - 65mm and 1/2" - 73mm Drive

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Cheap impact screwdriver bits 3/8

Bullet Piont:

·Gunpla impact socket adapter are made of chrome vanadium steel. These socket adapters each have enhanced hardness, are anti rust, durable die cast body with each a head ball bearing.

·Easy to use socket drivers, perfect handy tool for hard-to-reach corners and tight spaces, max torque 77N.m. This adapter set is designed to provide a securely locked in extension to your existing tool.

·The socket adapter set includes 3 pieces measuring 1/4" - 65mm, 3/8" - 65mm and 1/2" - 73mm drives socket bit hex shank adapter drill nut driver power extension bars that have nice and different colors for distinct touch.

·Suitable for a screwdriver or electric drilling or screwdriver handle tools, with hexagonal holes or three-jaw chuck, they can be connected to the drill, rechargeable drill or manual wrench, extending their reach to inaccessible stenosis, twisting screws, nut and more.

·Our perfectly designed socket adapters have spring ball lock that ensure a tight fit into the driver head to prevent slipping during use. Specifically machined to fit securely into a hand held driver, drill driver or impact wrench.

Product description:

Gunpla impact socket adapter can be used in the installation of pneumatic screwdriver, electric screwdriver, pneumatic drill, manual screwdriver and other installation requiring hexagonal tools. These are the ideal accessories for conversion with 3 pieces colorful socket adapter set comprises 1/4" - 65mm, 3/8" - 65mm and 1/2" - 73mm featuring hex shank with different sizes, colour coded rings, to facilitate your choices.

Key Features:

-     Spring Loaded Ball Bearing on Head Holds Sockets Securely.

-     Immediately turns any power/cordless drill into a power nut driver.

-     Easily adapt the sockets to power drills and drivers.

-     Suitable for quick change 1/4" chuck systems or directly into drill chuck.

-     Our impact sockets are handy for fast driving of nuts, bolts and fixings, etc.

-     The detent ball secures the socket retention enabling them to snap on tightly and impeding them from falling off.

-     The 1/4-inch hex shank are designed to prevent any stripping during high speed drill operations.

-     Heat-treated chrome vanadium steel for normal and impact use.

-     Sandblasted finish.

-     They convert all power drills to speedy socket drivers.

-     Conveniently use with a hand screwdriver, handle or battery/power tool.

-     These are widely used in home DIY, carpentry, auto parts, specializing in machine repair and so on.

-     Colour coded for easy recognition.


·     Weight: 100g

·     All Sockets feature a standard 1/4" hex shank

Package Includes:

     1 x (1/4" hex shank to 1/4" (65mm length) socket) Socket Adapter - yellow

     1 x (1/4" hex shank to 3/8" (65mm length) socket) Socket Adapter - red

     1 x (1/4" hex shank to 1/2" (73mm length) socket) Socket Adapter - blue

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