Gunpla 75mm Wire Cup Brush 6.35mm Hex Shank Hardened Brass Steel Crimp Wheel Heavy Duty Wires Brushes for Metal, Removal of Rust Corrosion Paint

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Durable wire cup brush

Bullet Piont:

Gunpla wheel crimped wire cup brush perfectly works as a grinder as well as can effectively and easily scour away rust, scale, and loose paint.

This handy wire cup brush is the ideal tool for smoothing rough edges on metal or to grind away rust. Crimped brass coated carbon steel bristles scrub surfaces clean, leaving only the smooth surface underneath.

Our perfectly design wire brushes are used to remove rust paint and weld spatter on all types of metal parts or surfaces. It could also fit multiple uses. Keep one in your car, garage, office and kitchen.

This Gunpla package includes 1pc 3 Inch crimped wire cup brush featuring a hex shank, in hardened steel to make sure the quality is the best.

The hex shank crimped wire brush perfectly works with most power drill or pneumatic air drills with a Max 4500 R.P.M.     

Product description:

Gunpla cup crimped wire brushes are made of high quality hardened steel to enhance durability and performance. Our crimped cup brushes offer great flexibility for large and flat surfaces. They are ideal for the removal of rust, scale and paint.


With our wire brush, easily and smoothly remove corrosion, paint and others.

Providing superior flexibility, enjoy agreeable moments of work with our great quality crimped brush.

Less fatigue is expected with our wheel brush, especially when using an air drill as all the job is solely done by the crimped brush effortlessly.

Minimal risk of metal scratch as the fibers are well aligned and easily brushing action.

Gunpla wire brushes are safe and free from leading to accidents during work.

Our crimped wire cup brush is gentle on metal and made from top brass steel wire that reveal a soft, pliable and paint-ready surface.

Smoothness, flexibility, high performance are durability are the characteristics of our wire brush crimped.

Max 4500 R.P.M.

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