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Gunpla Plastic Pipe Cutter 42mm Cutting Heavy Duty Pipe and Tube Cutter 1-5/8inch/42mm Tool for PVC CPVC PEX PE PPR

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Plastic pipe cutter

Bullet Piont:

· Gunpla heavy duty pipe cutter is fully made of aluminum alloy and a 2.5mm thick SK5 blade with precision-ground cutting edge.

· Gunpla pipe cutter ensures comfort with the fit handle, with a perfect ratchet drive technology, and faultless blade. Our plastic tube cutter is built to save your hands from cramps, proving fast and perfect cutting.

· Professionally produced, these pipe cutters are ideal for smoother cuts on PVC CPVC PEX PE PPR rubber hose, and most non-metallic tubes.

· With our PVC cutting tool, you will be able to slice through pipes within seconds, creating straight and clean cuts. This cutter gets the job done right providing utmost performance.

· The pipe cutter has an easily replaceable blade which is designed and installed to cut up to, 1-5/8"/42mm OD tubing. High-leverage ratchet action cuts smoothly and with minimal effort.

Product description:

Gunpla pipe cutter is a heavy-duty cutting tool that is manufactured from high quality aluminum alloynd has a 2.5mm thick SK5 steel blade that has precision-ground cutting edge for fast and cuts.

Our cutter for pipes is the ideal tool for those who engage into long hours of work and expect the job to be done as easy and fast as possible.

Plastic Pipe Cutter

This pipe cutting tool has been designed to perform clean and fast cuts on the various types of plastic pipes in most materials including PVC, CPVC, PEX, PE, PPR, and more. A ratchet pipe cutter is the ideal tool for those who enjoy do-it-yourself projects it slices through tough plastic.

Cuts up to 42mm

Designed to be to cut pipe tubes up to 42 mm and this cutting tool does the job the most neatly possible. The cutting blade is well sharpened and can be used several times before sharpening again. It cuts smoothly and requires minimum effort.

Self-Adjusting Mechanism

Perfectly made and convenient for versatile use, this pipe cutting tool features a mechanism that makes it adjust on its own to fit the size of the pipe to be cut.

Securing Lock Design

Our plastic pipe cutter is designed with an auto-locking function and this is engineered to make the cutting tool secure during use or application. This feature protects users from any harm or accident as the blade bounces back on its own.

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