Gunpla Torx Hex Key Allen Star Short Arm Wrench Hex Keys Security Torx End Holes Set of 9 Pieces with Storage Case T10-T50 for Home Maintenance DIY

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Durable torx end hex key set -  security hex allen key with hole

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  • Gunpla hex keys torx end are crafted from high quality heat treated chrome vanadium steel, with 52-55HRC hardness. Our hex key wrench set is made to produce premium performance, long term and resistant use.
  • This set includes various hex key sizes; T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50. The allen keys set comes with a hinged case, reducing the effort in putting all the set's pieces together and keeping.
  • Hex wrench developed with a torx end, these hex keys set can easily remove and install most socket cap screws found in cars, furniture, equipment and more. Allowing easier access to those hard-to-reach spaces and making it easy for adjusting in all angles.
  • Precisely-sized, chamfered ends insert smoothly into fastener head, reducing wear. The allen wrenches are the utmost tools for any amateur or professional DIY. They're perfect for working on bicycles, furniture, motorcycles, rc cars, machinery, vehicles, guns, etc.
  • Our allen wrenches set has easily visible sizes marked on the case for fast size selection. The extra long design will allow you to apply more torque with ease and accuracy. Product description:


Product description:

Gunpla hex and torx end keys are made from premium quality heat treated chrome vanadium steel, with an ensured 52-55HRC hardness. This torx hex key wrench set is engineered to produce efficient and satisfactory performance, long term and resistant use. These perfectly shaped tools fit into the fastener which is to be turned, just like a key fits into a lock.

Our hex torx keys are simple tools designed for turning their corresponding fasteners. Each key has a short arm and a long arm. The short arm is with security holes for multi purpose. These are well-made keys for tightening and undoing fasteners as bolts and screws that have hexagonal (six-sided) indents, or recesses, in their heads. These are provided as a set, with different types available for various jobs, in order to make sure you are always ready and appropriately equipped.

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