Gunpla Wire Stripper Multi-Function Tool for Cutting Cables Screws Comfortable Gripping Serrate Nose Crimper Cutter Plier Stripping Wires and Crimping Terminals and Connections 8 inch / 200mm

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Durable wire stripper

Bullet Piont:

·  Gunpla multifunctional wire strippers are made of high quality carbon steel, with a surface finished with black enamel making our cable stripping tool scratch proof and resistant to wear and rust.

·  This stripping plier is made hard enough to ensure durability and can easily crimp insulated and non-insulated terminals such as connections, rings and spades, butt connectors gauges wires and more.

·  Our cable stripping tool cutter has a crimp designed for coax fittings and is a highly multifunctional tool that has very wide range of uses and applications. Wire cutting and screws, cable stripping, and even crimping terminals and connections.

·  For convenience, our wire stripper is marked with all the functions and sizes, with adequate colors for each function. This will easily guide during application or use of the multifunctional tool.

· This wire cutting stripper is crafted ergonomically, with a handle that favors long use without any fatigue, even when holding for a long moment. This wire stripper has extremely strong jaws hat will cut, whilst keeping their shape and strength.

Product description:

Gunpla multifunctional wire strippers are made from high quality carbon steel and has finished black enamel surface. The material on surface makes the wire crimper tool scratch proof and resistant to wear and rust. Our durable crimping stripper is a bulky that is designed with numerous features and a very soft grip. This wire cutting stripper is designed to last for a very long time, is extremely easy to operate and is comfortable to hold and use.

Multifunctional Tool

The wire stripper features a 10-22 AWG selection dial adjuster which helps any electrician, both professional and hobbyist to strip wires of varying gauges. In order for it to stay sharp longer, it is made with an induction hardened cutting edge. This crimping tool also has a plier-style nose that works perfectly on aluminum and copper, this feature is used to loop wire. The stripping cutter terminals are clearly labeled on the nose with bold descriptions, making them easy to use. Its spring assisted jaw openings and quick release locks make stripping tough wire a simple and quick process.

Soft and Ergonomic Grip

Fashioned with a soft rubber grip handle, our strippers offer superior control and handling, allowing you to use them without your hand getting sore. It is lighter a stripper in its type, which helps prevent hand fatigue.

Ideal Size

Measuring 210mm in long and 65mm wide, these wire strippers are perfect to reach even confined spaces. This is a well-designed tool, and it is good if you’re working on thin wires, small jobs, and even important projects. Their functionality, cutting power, and intuitive design make them a solid choice for heavy duty projects.

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