Gunpla Staple Gun 3 in 1 Heavy Duty with Staple Remover and 1500 Staples - 3 Way Tacker Hand Operated Steel Stapler Brad Nail for Fixing, Decoration, Carpentry, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Billboards

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Quality staple gun with staples - quality staple gun with staples screwfix

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3 IN 1 STAPLE GUN SET: This complete staple gun set, includes 3 in 1 Staple Gun with Staple Remover and 1500 Staples (500pcs Door-type, 500pcs U-type, 500pcs T-type staples), ideal for upholstery, fixing, decoration, carpentry, furniture, doors, windows, billboards.

ROBUST AND DURABLE: This staple gun has a 20mm large steel fixed column of high and strength with a 100 percent stainless steel body, surface plating treatment, durable and resistant to wear and rust.

COMPLETE SET: Our staple gun kit comes with an easy to use and handle staple remover that is purposely included to quickly help in case of stapling mistake or when the staples get broken when is place.

VERSATILE STAPLE KIT: The 3 in 1 hand operated staple gun set can be used with staples measures and types; D-Type 4-14mm; U-Type 10-12mm; and T-Type 10-14mm. Ideal for repair, decoration and fastening.

ERGONOMIC AND SECURE: Manufactured with an ergonomic design, our 3 in 1 staple guns, the hands will feel less fatigue and more comfortable. It is made non-slip, and features an adjustment knob at the top of the brad nail gun to fit the thickness of any material to make the upholstery function easily.



·Gunpla 3 in 1 staple gun is fully made of high quality stainless steel and are meant to last for long.

·The staple gun comes along with an adequate and easy to use staple remover to remove the not well placed staples and those broken.

·The easy-to-use staple gun works as a staple gun, nailer, cable tacker and wire stapler.

·It is made with a stainless steel handle that is very comfortable to use.

·3-in-1 design for 3 different shapes and can be operated with U-Shaped, T-Shaped and Door-Shaped staples.

·The staple gun has an adjustment knob featured at the top, designed to adjust the force to be exerted on the fastener to drive it deeper into the work piece.


·D-Type Staples: 4-14mm(5/32"-9/16")

·U-Type Staples: 10-12mm(3/8"-9/16")

·T-Type Staples: 10-14mm(3/8"-1/2")

Package includes:

-   1 x Staple Gun

-   1 x Staple Remover

-   500 x Door-type Staples

-   500 x T-type Staples

-   500 x U-type Staples

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I bought this to finish a chair repair/reupholsterey project. I was mid project when the staple gun I was using died, so I bought this one. This new one is a big improvement over my old one and the last half of my project went much quicker and easier. I love that it can use different types of staples for different types of projects. I used this staple gun to repair some damage to the wood of the chair and I also used it for the upholstery. It was easy to use of worked very well. I’ll be using this on several upcoming projects I have around the house.
This does what it says on the tin,I have got quite staple happy with it,if it is not fixed down I am tempted to staple it,loving the power within my grip!Highly recommend for all odd jobs I primarily used it for upholstery but have since used to tack garden mesh,and fix a reed panel to a board