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Security torx screwdriver mulwark screwdriver

Bullet Piont:

Gunpla torx screwdrivers are made of high quality hardened tempered chrome vanadium steel to ensure unlimited use and enhance durability. These screwdriver tools are perfect for most projects requiring screwdriver job.

Our repair screwdrivers feature rubberized handle grips that are fashioned comfortable enough for prolonged time use without feeling any fatigue or pain. They are nonslip and highly ergonomic requiring no effort when used.

The tips of our torx star precision screwdrivers are made magnetic in order to improve your tasks results with great work efficiency. The tips naturally hold on screws when needed and make them easy to lift at any time moment.

These screwdriver repair tool kit is multipurpose and include 11 different sizes for our convenience; T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20 T25 T27 T30 T40. Our torx screwdrivers are the ideal tools for electronics, computer, or RC car, drone repairs and other small or big size projects.

The set of screwdrivers is perfect for all tasks, as precision equipment, PC repair, assembly and disassembly of hard drives from or other electronic equipment, video game consoles, cleaning and decomposition SSD and even laptops.               

Product description:

Gunpla torx screwdriver set is suitable for use in a variety of locations, projects or simple tasks. They are all made of high quality chrome vanadium steel and will serve for decades if we well taken care of.


Made from high quality hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel.

Non slip comfortable handle feeling, ergonomically design and guarantee optimal force-transmission.

Contoured handles with soft rubber grip for better control.

The torx star screwdrivers are all magnetic and can hold screws perfectly.

Screwdriver set is designed to help you work in the tight spaces found in most electronics and high tech devices.

Easy repair and assembly of precision instruments, tapes, radios, plastic models, etc. and also excellent performance for automotive repair tools.


Color: Yellow and Black

Material: Chrome-vanadium Steel and rubber

Package Size: 11 pieces Torx Screwdriver - T6 to T40

Package Weight: 680g

Set icnludes:

1x - T6

1x - T7

1x - T8

1x - T9

1x - T10

1x - T15

1x - T20

1x - T25

1x - T27

1x - T30

1x - T4

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